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Where Are They Now: Dave Biderman

David Biderman…We call Boise Idaho home! We have lived here for 25 years with a total of 35 years in the business. Our family consists of two wonderful daughters, two outstanding son in laws and two granddaughters which we have had the pleasure of watching grow up and develop into fine young ladies.

We are fortunate to have built a second home in the mountains of Idaho (70 miles) from Boise. We purchased 10 acres which joins 4,000 acres of Idaho state owned land. I love spring, summer and the fall in the mountains. The rest of my family prefers the winter and sledding down the mountain we live on. I am an avid photographer and enjoy taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes. We have two Hobie Kayaks (Mirage pro anglers) which we use for fishing which has become our second hobby. We have some beautiful lakes in the mountains of Idaho and thoroughly enjoy the fishing and hiking.

My memories of the 35 years in the business have been varied and enjoyable. Twelve relocations and 15 opportunities have left an impression on me and my family. I have worked for some tremendous leaders which have rounded me out as a person. As an assistant, I learned from other assistants and Store Managers. We worked hard and had a great time! I had an opportunity to work with some of the best Market Managers, Cal Schwandt, Ed Pollex, Duane Davis, and Dick Scherschligt; I learned a lot from these guys! District Managers who had a huge impact on my career are Bill Bates, Richard Rounds, Ken Walker, Dick Davis, Chuck Good, Al Hoskins. Central support people, Dorothy Carey, Tork Fuglestad, Jim Willard, Pat Johnson and Steve Mannschreck. Steve is the one that showed me how to be a true leader as he was a great listener and an outstanding mentor! I know I left out a great many people but I must also thank Gail Johnson (Brown) as she always made me look good while my First Assistant in Springfield! I can’t thank Osco Drug and the people of this great organization enough for the wonderful memories! God Bless

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