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Where Are They Now: Debbie Veale

Our family is doing very well. My husband and I just became grandparents for the first time then end of March last year and we are VERY excited. We still live in S. California and our new granddaughter lives in Washington DC, but have already spent a week with her and FaceTime weekly. My other child lives in TN and loves it.

I am still working, but nearing retirement age! I love to walk (usually my dog as well as friends) and still have horses which I show competitively (show jumping).

Our best vacation was Machu Picchu with the family. We hiked in from Cusco.

My favorite memories were the regional meetings and getting together with the South Bay Babes ..we continue to “meet” (Ellie James, Evan Wong, Cathy Bell, Shushma Patel). And of course I love the Sav-on Reunions and the opportunity to catch up with friends.

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Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn
Apr 21, 2023

Way to go Debbie!!!

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