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Where Are They Now: Denny Robison

We are doing great. We are empty nester's now. Our oldest son works in IT for Disney in Orlando, Florida, our daughter just earned her master’s degree and has started her career in Tucson, Arizona and our youngest son is at Montana State University studying engineering. My wife Ellen and I are spending time outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring. We have lived in Peoria, Arizona now for 16 years after leaving Montana.

My number one hobby is hiking and exploring new places. Our best vacation was in 2021, Ellen and I took our first trip to Alaska. We spent time camping deep into Denali National Park and also visited Anchorage and Seward, Alaska. It was a fantastic trip.

My fondest memories of time spent at Osco and Sav-on was always the people and relationships that I look back on the most. Learning from great leaders, the comradery with fellow managers particularly at the regional managers meeting when we got away from the stores and had a chance to hang out together and have fun. I just told the story last week to a friend about the time Gary Hunstiger and Curt Larson told me I needed to get you guys to a certain store in Montana by a certain time and that you would cover the speeding ticket! Sure enough I received that speeding ticket. You guys did take care of it as promised.

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