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Where Are They Now: Jim Young

Dear Friends, Yes I am alive and well living in Lake Barrington with Kathy. We also have an apartment in downtown Chicago. Married for 48 years! Retired when Albertsons bought Osco and planned to move to Boise in 2003 after 38 years. Contrary to most retirees we left Arizona and built a home on Lake James in North Carolina. Spent 12 years there when Chicago called us back 7 years ago. Kathy and I spent a lot of time traveling to such interesting places as Egypt, Morocco, Vietnam, South Africa and all over Europe. Great fun! I always remember the times I spent with Osco. Loved the fun, the people and even my job. I owe my career to great people like Byron Luke and Haven Ready who were always there for me and to the fantastic Managers and Buyers that I worked with. I enjoyed every minute of those days,well at least most. Still keep contact with a few ,Dave Schoenbeck, Mark Panzer, and Dean Kelsey who lives close by. I try not to stand next to Dean as he makes me look old! Stay well, Jim Young

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