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Where Are They Now: Mike Cihlar

Everyone doing well. Leigh and I just passed 28 years of marriage and survived 2 years of it during COVID where I was working from home every day! Zach is starting his second year of law school in New York City (Cardozo Law) now living in Brooklyn. I hit my 8 year mark working for McKesson most recently as the National VP, Pharmacy Retail Operations working with our independent pharmacy owners across the country. Leigh continues to be the CEO of Cihlar, Inc.. We have two Papillion boy pups – Husker and Rockstar that keep us young. 19 years in Phoenix (Arcadia area). Exciting news though – we also bought another home in Omaha NE in March to be able to closer to family, friends and my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers. Leigh will spend the summers in Omaha to get out of the AZ heat.

I am still playing tennis, sometimes doing a tournament here or there. Leigh and I started to play pickle ball most recently. Something we can definitely do together. Lately we have been going to the movies like we used to do when first started dating 30 years ago. We are starting to travel again, nothing too exciting this year but going to Turks && Caicos over Christmas and having Zach join us.

Our best vacation by far our 25th wedding anniversary we went to Australia (Blue Mountains, Kangaroos), Sydney (brought in the new year there), Melbourne (nightlife)

Some of my fondest memories of time spent with Osco or Sav-on? There were so many. Like I’ve said before if we were never bought by CVS I am convinced I would still be working there. I enjoyed Denny Hank’s general manager meetings in the Quad Cities where the 10 of us would banter over who was 1st or last, share wild game that all the hunters brought in. That was my work family and still stay in touch will most of them to this day. RJ, Flash, Hero, Leroy, Tommy-Tan, Hoppy to name a few. I really enjoyed my Drug Division Ops role reporting to Dennis Palmer. This role gave me a chance to work with all of our leaders at Sav-On and Osco Drug building lifelong friendships along the way. One funny story where I had to use my personal credit card for dinner when my corporate card was maxed out from all the MOM dinners we had that week. That was a fun call home to Leigh! Finally, since he is the President of the Osco-Savon Alumni I have to mention working for Gary Hunstiger in Chicago where we would go out for Happy Hour at Portillos and grab a sandwich and cold schooner of beer there. Proud to call Osco/Savon my family.

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