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Where Are They Now: Stan and Deone Petersen

Deone and I have lived in the Phoenix area full time since 2014. We first started visiting here regularly in 2005 when Deone was with the Six Sigma program and found that we love the Valley and would eventually retire here. We live in a golfing community and both enjoy playing with family and friends. We have volunteered marshaling for the last 11 years at the WM Phoenix Open and the Charles Schwab Cup Championship. We both enjoy seeing the players up close and visiting with the fans. Deone also volunteers at a boutique thrift store that supports a shelter and rescue for senior dogs.

I retired from CVS in 2008 and Deone retired from Ciox, a medical records retrieval company in Phoenix, in 2019.

We have 4 sons, one daughter in law and 3 grandchildren. They live in different parts of the country, namely, Colorado, Kansas City, North Carolina and Arizona. A few years ago we decided to try RV life and purchased a smaller RV to visit the kids and see our country. We have enjoyed it a lot and took a nice trip up the California coast ending up in Seattle. We have spent time in most of the West and Midwest and now plan to head east this year. It is always fun to see where the road goes.

We both agree that Osco was a unique company to work for due to the special culture that existed. The people seemed to be of one mind, work hard, play hard. Also,treat people right and enjoy what you are doing. Meetings were always a highlight when you could reconnect with friends and meet new ones. Traveling with VP’s on store visits whether it was Bates, Hunstiger or Gillis were always fun, educational and entertaining. Most of the stories are of the "had to be there type".

It’s great that the culture we knew is still prevalent with the number of members that belong to the Osco/SavOn Alumni group. It was a great career.

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