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Where Are They Now: Stephanie McMackin

My family and I are fine. Joe and I are celebrating our 53rd anniversary in June. Our oldest granddaughter just turned 18 & will probably go to the University of Wisconsin after graduation. Our other granddaughter plays Lacrosse and is a freshman in high school. Our oldest grandson is a junior in high school & is quite the golfer. Our twin grandsons are in 8th grade and love flag football!

We live on a large hill in Fullerton and watch the fireworks every night at Disneyland just sitting on our couch! I play pickleball 1-3 times a week and ride my e bike as much as possible. I’ve become an avid reader since COVID kept me home for so long.

Our best vacation was a trip to Europe just before COVID hit. We spent a month traveling in Germany. Austria, Hungary, Prague, Capri and Italy. Positano in Italy is one of my favorite places on earth.

I spent 16 years at Sav-on, so I had many memories. I will mention three that come to mind. One I cherish is the day I was at work and received a call from UCLA saying I needed to leave work to get my liver transplant! That was 32 years ago and I will always remember how kind & concerned everyone was. I also loved Osco’s 50th anniversary when we all traveled to Chicago for a fabulous celebration. And I was so honored to receive the President’s Excellence Award presented to me by Wanda White, my favorite boss of all time.

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