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Whole Foods Market's 5 Beauty Trends for 2022

Retailer predicts focus on conscious at-home treatments.

  1. CERAMIDES-naturally occurring fatty acids that support skin moisturization and elasticity.

  2. PRICKLY PEAR-the Fruit contains amino acids and Vitamins E and K, which help enhance the appearance of glowing skin.

  3. Translucent Zinc Sunscreen-leaves a less visible residue when applied versus previous formulations.

  4. Overnight Hair Styling-ultra-efficient brands designed to be used overnight to maintain style and texture while customers sleep.

  5. Jelly-Textured Skincare-texture between a gel and a cream. These water-based products moisturize without the mess of extra oils and contain ingredients like acids, active botanicals and vitamins.

Whole Foods Beauty Week takes place March 16-22. Consumers will be able to shop these trends at 25% off. Amazon Prime members will get an additional 10% off.

In addition, Beauty Bags will be available in limited quantities, starting March 18.

SOURCE: Progressive Grocery

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